Our company supplies a wide range of imported equipment and materials for wineries in Russia. If you have a direct contract with the manufacturer, we will help with logistics and customs clearance, obtaining permits (certificates, declarations of conformity, test reports).


Equipment for all production of wine, from the stage of collection and preparation of materials, ending with the capping and storage of bottles, including:

  • Crusher-destemmers
  • Wine Press
  • Wine Tanks (also stainless steel drums and oak barrels)
  • Wine Pumps
  • Filtration equipment


All types of cork from European manufacturers:

All types of cork from European manufacturers:

  • natural, incl. alternative
  • synthetic
  • screw
  • glass
  • crown cap



Bottles of different sizes from 187.5 ml (Piccolo or Split) to 30 liters (Melchizedek or Midas), as well as any shape:
Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace, Provence, Jura, yellow wine, Muscadet, Gaillac, Vinho Verde, Franconia, Chianti, ice wine


Ingredients, additives, reagents and more.